Working Group Leads

Members collaborate in thematic working groups to explore and develop concrete tools and actions to address issues of concern in their supply chains. Working groups have 2 member leads and a Board sponsor and are supported by the FNET Team to deliver the annual workplans decided by each group.

Developing Common Due Diligence Tools Working Group

A priority for this working group is to gain understanding and traction in complex parts of the supply chain where transparency can be challenging. Members developed and continue to update the risk assessment tool, and explore “beyond audit” mitigation approaches, producing resources where needed.

Melville Miles

Head of Human Rights - Group
Greencore Group (UK)

Naomi Kirkwood

Group Responsible Sourcing Manager
Samworth Brothers

David Alder

Group Technical Director
Minor, Weir and Willis Limited

Climate Change & Human Rights Working Group

The focus of this group is on increasing understanding and building capacity to tackle the joint impacts of human rights and climate change that include migration, water and extreme heat.

Natalie McWilliam

Group Head of Sustainable Sourcing

Ed Brent

Sustainability Manager - Carbon

Raw Materials & Services Working Group

Members identify and explore priority raw materials and services and share deep-dives insights on some of their challenges and sourcing risks and try to create alignment to build ethical trade throughout the supply chain.

Andy York

Human Rights Manager
Pilgrims Pride Ltd.

Louise McCafferty

Head of CSR
Joseph Robertson

Peter Fletcher

Indirects Procurement Manager
Yeo Valley

Empowering Work Working Group

Members examine how to remove barriers between employees and improve all employees communication and engagement in the workplace.

Julia Black

Group Ethical CSR Manager
Hilton Food Group

Claire Donovan

Interim Ethical Lead
Worldwide Fruit Ltd.

Kealey Burbidge

Senior People and Culture Manager
Hilton Foods

Responsible Recruitment Working Group

Members share intelligence on emerging risks in recruitment in different geographies and explore how to understand different recruitment processes all over the world. Colleagues share approaches to remediation of recruitment fees and communicate examples of responsible recruitment.

Courtenay Forbes

Human Rights Manager

Sam Ludlow Taylor

Senior Manager, Human Rights Programmes
John Lewis Partnership

Rachel Munns

Head of Sustainable Sourcing
World Wise Foods

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