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The Food Network for Ethical Trade

Companies within the FNET membership are focussed on many different elements of the food supply chain from growing, manufacturing, processing, supplying, importing and retail. The companies vary in size and focus with some involved in large complex, international supply chains, and others are more UK-focussed with speciality product lines. When company representatives join the FNET space, the primary aim is to collaborate, share and support each other to develop robust due diligence processes to identify and act on human rights issues for workers in food supply chains. Members actively co-create tools, share information and work together to address problems as they arise.

FNET offers a non-competitive space for members to unpack conversations with peers and customers to help protect and improve the working conditions for those involved in the food, beverage and horticulture sectors.

FNET was established in 2016 and is a not-for-profit organisation led by a board, non-executive director and lead, supported by a team of project managers.

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