FNET Governance

FNET Board

FNET is led by an elected Board of representatives from 3 retailer and 5 supplier members which is chaired by a non-executive, independent chairperson. Board positions are retained for either 2 or 3 years and representatives elected and voted for by the membership. The Board is responsible for agreeing the strategic direction of FNET, and ensuring that the thematic working groups are delivering relevant and useful information for members.


The day-to-day running of FNET is managed by the FNET Technical Team who implement the strategy and co-ordinate meetings, webinars, member contributions and support thematic working groups. Secretariat support is provided by Cognition.

Working Groups

Members sign up to participate in thematic working groups to help deliver the FNET strategy. The working groups are revised annually to ensure they are meeting member needs and every working group is led by 2 members, a Board member and the FNET Team.

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Working group leads

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