Want some help achieving effective Worker Representation in the Workplace?

Businesses with high levels of engagement typically have twice the annual profits,
40% lower staff turnover and 18% higher productivity. Whereas Businesses in the bottom quartile of staff engagement average 42% more accidents1. Engaged workers have a real sense of belonging, they feel valued and listened to and they want to give their best. People who feel they belong are 3x more likely to have a greater sense of wellbeing2.  It is well known that businesses with highly engaged workforces perform better than others and they wouldn’t be able to achieve this without effective worker representation being embedded in the way they do business.

However, it is not easy to achieve effective worker representation and many businesses find they don’t know where to start or they put a lot of time and effort into implementing worker committees, only to find they don’t deliver, and they lose their credibility in the business.

In 2021 / 22 some FNET members came together through the worker representation working group and funded a project on worker representation. The over-arching objective of the project was to increase the number of effective worker representation committees in UK and global food supply chains. The project developed some resources and two online Effective Worker Representation Training to provide managers with all the information they need to implement quality worker committees that deliver improvements in worker voice and employee engagement.

20th June 2023 – 10am to 12pm
For businesses that want to implement for the first time, or they have a worker committee, but they want to start again.
2 Hours online training
Date & time: 20th June 10 – 12 hrs
Costs: £99 (+VAT) per delegate

27th June – 2pm – 4pm
For businesses that already have a worker committee, but not an effective one and want to re-launch it.
2 Hours online training
Date & time: 27th June 14.00 – 16.00 hrs
Costs: £99 (+VAT) per delegate

Please share this internally and down your supply chain to support FNET’s goal “to increase the number of effective worker representation committees in the UK” (and beyond…)

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  2. Belonging at Work: The Top Driver of Employee Engagement (qualtrics.com)

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