Welcome to our first blog and new website.

For those new to the Food Network for Ethical Trade (FNET) we are a supplier-led membership organisation working to bring about positive change in global food and horticultural supply chains working conditions by providing guidance, resources, training, and opportunities for collaboration. We currently have 66 members; food, beverage and horticulture suppliers, brands and retailers who are working to develop their collective capacity to make change in their supply chains.

A unique element is the way we work to create a ‘safe’ environment for members to share concerns, opportunities for better member alignment and to learn together the realities of ethical and human rights issues. To support members, we produce weekly news emails, hold fortnightly calls, 2 all member meeting days and webinars on pertinent human rights issues.

Members take an active role in guiding the issues that FNET looks at and the resources we develop. Recently, a food manufacturer communicated that they wanted to understand differences in retailers on ethical monitoring requirements. In response to this request, the team surveyed all 10 retailer members of FNET and produced a summary of the latest ethical monitoring requirements and that demonstrated areas of alignment and non-alignment.

We have recently signed off our workplan for 2023/24 encompassing 5 strategic areas of focus; developing common due diligence tools, climate change, raw materials and services, empowering work and responsible recruitment. Each area has a working group that is led by members and supported by a board sponsor. More information on the working groups can be found on the website. For membership enquires please contact [email protected]

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