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Topic: Recruitment Fees working group on the 9th March from 12.30-2.00pm.

(Input on the agenda should be sent to Louise no later than the 1st March 2021)

Proposed Agenda
• Recruitment fee news update – updates from US Withhold Orders/ cases in Malaysia – plus any other regions where recruitment fees are being discussed (India/ China/ Indonesia/ Vietnam?) – 10 minutes
• Recruitment fee remediation update – All members – 10 minutes
• Update on retailer recruitment fee policies and plans for 2021 – 10 minutes
• Group gap analysis – based on Leadership Group on Responsible Recruitment metrics framework/ RRT tool – discussion on progress and steps required (individually/ together) – 30 minutes
o Mapping recruitment process and fees – own operations
o Securing support for remediation funds – own operations
o Engaging suppliers on Employer Pays Principle
o Mapping recruitment processes and fees – high risk suppliers
o Mapping access to grievance mechanisms – high risk suppliers
• Retailer update on CGF Human Right Coalition – 5 minutes
• Remediation of recruitment fees in 2021 – member discussion on plans to remediate fees for UK workers from April onwards (and internationally if interested) – Member led- 20 minutes
• AOB – 5 minutes

If you would like to join this working group please email admin@foodnetworkforethcialtrade.com