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The Ethical working group will meet to focus on Purchasing Practices and Monitoring and Evaluation session.

Our proposed agenda is below – please send any input on the agenda to Louise no later than the 12th April 2021.
• Introduction – reminder of last meetings agenda/ new FNET resources/ key member updates since last meeting
• Purchasing Practices

  1. Purchasing practices research – What is the latest research telling us and what does this mean for members? Contract inclusions/ engagement of legal teams/ FLEX report and implications for purchasing decisions
  2. Impact of Covid – what impact has Covid had on purchasing practices? Positive or negative? Group input
  3. Member presentation – Purchasing Practice surveys – how do they work, what do they tell you and what do you do next?
  4. Member presentation – Training of Purchasing colleagues – what works/ what doesn’t work/ what happens next
  5. Group discussion – How can these tools be used? what else do you need to do to engage commercial colleagues? Who else needs to involved in the discussion

• Monitoring and Evaluation

  1.  Member case study (1 retailer and 1 supplier) – the challenges and successes of developing indicators to measure ethical trade/ human rights performance
  2. Group discussion – What guidance/ tools/ case studies do you need to make progress in this area?

• Working group next steps/ dates and AOB.

If you would like to join this working group please email admin@foodnetworkforethicaltrade.com